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Every time has its own special challenges:  Ours has digitalization. New technologies create opportunities that almost every company needs to seize nowadays. Be it that digital processes provide more efficiency and speed thus help to save costs. Or you might use e-commerce to access new customers (and become direct to customer for the first time), new markets and regions. Firstly automation or “digital processes” shall be applied in the department, secondly in the area of “digital commerce”, thus you are ready for complexity fields perfectly.The most exciting discipline, however, is the application of digital solutions as an opportunity to redesign or even radically rebuild business models. Regardless which topic is focussed, the first question should be: What are the real goals and are the conditions in the company in place to achieve them? Therewith the `human aspects` play the center role. No matters with specific area or major strategic line changes: companies are and remain an organisation of people. And these people must understand, want and be able to implement the change task. That is why we always see our digitisation projects as organisational and cultural work. Various new working concepts – commonly referred to as agile and dynamic – have now proven to be the means of choice and have been used by us for a long time.