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Every era has its own unique challenges.  Digitalization is ours. Nowadays new technologies create opportunities that almost every company wants to take advantage of. Whether it is digital processes that provide more efficiency and speed thus reducing costs. Or using e-commerce to acquire new customers (or contact to the end customer directly), and tapping into new markets and regions. The most charged discipline, however, is the opportunity to revamp or totally redesign business models using digital solutions. Regardless of which issue is being addressed, the first question should always be the same: What are the actual goals, and are the prerequisites given to achieve them? This in turn brings the human aspects in to play. In change processes, whether they are department-specific or on the grand strategic level, companies are and will remain an organization made up of people. And these people have to understand the new process and want to implement it. For this reason, we always see our digitalization projects as organizational and cultural work. A variety of new work methods – commonly referred to as agile and dynamic – have proven to be successful and have been used by us for quite some time.